Cúpulas Basálticas, 2017

Photo: Courtesy the artists and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, 2017

Pencil and watercolor paper
115 x 200 cm

With a practice spanning over twenty-five years, the moniker “Los Carpinteros” emphasizes the duo’s passionate focus on craftsmanship while giving a knowing nod to their uniquely quirky sense of humor. Frequently described as “interrogative art,” Los Carpinteros remain boundless in their use of material and presentation, which can range from drawings to watercolors, objects and furniture models to film.

Their works frequently have an acid edge of social and political critique, calling for reflection on objects, society, and history. Cúpulas Basálticas (Basaltic Domes), a large-scale pencil and watercolor work, references the basaltic rocks of Cuba in its title, yet the work itself is reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller’s “geodesic” domes. This combination of references would not be surprising in the work of Los Carpinteros, they frequently reference modernist utopian architecture, envisioning models unburdened by functionality.
– Alicia Reuter