The world we want to see

We believe in art and artists as agents of change.

For more than two decades, activity at TBA21 has been fundamentally driven by artists
and the belief in art and culture as a carrier of social and environmental transformation and ultimately the service of global peace-making.

We believe in artists' capacity to radically reimagine our current planetary systems. We see art as a way of experiential learning and we see poetry in the power to transform our world into an equitable one.
We see a just and resilient world that rethinks the rights of all-kind to create new systems based on respect and mutual care. A world that creates conditions that are regenerative to life.

We see a world based on relationality that embraces complexity and nurtures kinship among humans and with the more-than-human – a world that recognizes love as a counter-narrative to anxiety, scarcity, and austerity and joy as an act of resistance and disruption.

Values in action

Our values are the basis of how we approach our work with clear intent and work through complexity with clarity as we encounter it. They are how we assess and maintain our relationships with our environment and others, ensuring we actively contribute to the world we want to see.

For more information on our Values in action, click HERE.