Venom Wild Pitch, 2002

Photo: Michael Strasser / TBA21

Leatherbelt and wire
106.5 x 2.6 x 0.3 cm

As much as Jim Lambie's work delves into abstraction, his materials pull in the other direction. Memorabilia, disowned, decontextualized, unfailingly carries a previous life of its own. His geometric formalism is richly entwined with collective memory and ritual, un-reconciled histories both personal and public. The obsolescence of turntables and vinyl LPs, glam-rock and flares, become symbolic totems of a multiplicity of unrealised utopias. Venom Wild Pitch - titled after the failed record label that once put out Chill Rob G (of I've Got The Power fame) - a lone pink belt rising up in cobra stance, is equally toxic and beguiling. There's something magic in its slippery patent pinkness, exuberant and dangerous, its defiant force. For at the end of the day it's those buoyant memories that count: the yesteryears and glory days, of harmless teen rebellion, poster-strewn bedroom pot-smoking, freezing outside night clubs while trying to look swank in mismatched hand-me-downs and shoplifted accessories. – Excerpted from Patricia Ellis, "Glasgow Pomo", in: T-B A21 Collection Book
Jim Lambie (born 1964 in Glagow, Scotland) a contemporary visual artist and was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize with an installation called Mental Oyster. Jim Lambie graduated from the Glasgow School of Art (1990-1994) with a 2:1 Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. He lives and works in Glasgow, and also operates as a musician and DJ.

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