Blonde Streaks, 2002

Photo: Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London, Copyright: Jim Lambie

12 inch and 7 inch vinyl records, printed stickers, belts, tape
92 x 153 x 2.5 cm

Blonde Streaks, an assemblage of found LPs and remnant belts, gives cheeky credence to Noland and Stella, vinyl grooves standing in for painterly gesture, reframing minimalism's bare essentials as the basic requirements for a Friday night out. It's this dysfunctional relationship between glam and trash that makes Jim Lambie's sculptures so universally appealing. They tap into the chav sensibilities of footballers' wives and package holidays to Benidorm, the down-market club scene of binge drinking slappers and Fred Perry pressed "neds" (Glaswegian for non-educated delinquents), a world where glitz is everything, the omnipresent concealer of muck. Lambie uses formalism as more than just a means to pull; his sly appropriation and retro attitude become a calculated reconstruction of class-codified order. – Patricia Ellis

Jim Lambie (born 1964 in Glagow, Scotland) a contemporary visual artist and was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize with an installation called Mental Oyster. Jim Lambie graduated from the Glasgow School of Art (1990-1994) with a 2:1 Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. He lives and works in Glasgow, and also operates as a musician and DJ.

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