The horizon series, 2002

Installation view: OLAFUR ELIASSON: BAROQUE BAROQUE, The Winter Palace, Vienna 2015 © Photo: Anders Sune Berg, © 2015 Olafur Eliasson

40 C-prints
Each: 22.5 x 104.5 cm
Overall dimensions: 215 x 542.5 cm

For this series of forty color photographs, Eliasson travelled around Iceland in an effort to collect images and map the island’s horizons. According to the artist, it aims at “a systematized way of looking at the landscape,” recording space, light, and weather, as well as the volume and depth of the terrain. The images “are specific methodological studies and embody a certain desire to organize and rationalize a particular phenomenon.” (O.E.) While the relationship of terrain and sky to the horizon is present in many of the artist’s photographic series, The horizon series foregrounds this dialogue in the most minimalistic of ways.

*1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark | Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany