New Berlin sphere, 2009

Installation view: OLAFUR ELIASSON: BAROQUE BAROQUE, The Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Vienna 2015, Photo: Anders Sune Berg, © 2009 Olafur Eliasson

Stainless steel, colored glass, aluminum, bulb
Ø 140 cm

New Berlin Sphere is created by two sets of twenty spirals, one set within the other, that coil to form a spherical surface. A myriad of rhomboid stainless steel panels are mounted on the outer set of spirals to form a fragmented, blackish skin. The inner set of spirals supports equally numerous panels of colored glass in magenta, cyan, and yellow. Light from the bulb at the center of the sphere casts mixed hues from the glass panels onto the surrounding walls. This work takes as its starting point the CMYK model, a subtractive color model that forms the basis for four-color printing. The transgression of borders between inside and outside and the interplay of color in the viewer’s experience are recurring themes in Eliasson’s work.

*1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark | Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany