Untitled 99, 1999

Photo: Angelika Krinzinger / TBA21

Ceramic tiles, red grout
Dimensions variable

Jorge Pardo introduces design objects into the context of contemporary art, fulfilling needs and necessities of his environment and determining habits of use and interaction. As a result, his works do not appear as bona fide works of art - and yet they demonstrate how design can function as a model for the esthetic production of reality. Light, in particular as a tactile element, is a subject of particular interest to Pardo. At the same time his light installations have an unmistakably sculptural quality, both within the room, where the even hanging of the lamps defines the room, and from outside, when its bight glow makes the entire space feel like a three-dimensional object in its own right. The sculptural ensemble of hand-blown lamps and floor tiles creates an integrated environment that can operate both as art and as functional space of "living space".

*1963 in Havana, Cuba I Living and working in Mérida, México