Untitled #3, 2007

Photo: Courtesy of neugerriemschneider, Berlin

Silkscreen on mdf, acrylic glass
262 x 412 x 5.5 cm

Jorge Pardo introduces design objects into the context of contemporary art, fulfilling needs and necessities of his environment and determining habits of use and interaction. As a result, his works do not appear as bona fide works of art - and yet they demonstrate how design can function as a model for the esthetic production of reality. The use of wood and patterns - repetitions of computer generated forms - is significant for his entire oeuvre, but finds here a new development. At the edge of sculpture and painting, Pardo is playing on notion of category and definition while keeping a joyful mix of Caribbean colors. Untitled #3 is also the point of departure for a new body of wooden floor work the artist currently develops.

*1963 in Havana, Cuba I Living and working in Mérida, México