Untitled, 2000


Granite, bricks, cement
Depth: 13.3 cm, Diameter: 49.8 cm

In the work of Iran do Espirito Santo, nothing is what is appears to be. The artist's highly conceptual and mostly ironic works appear as visual puzzles without solutions. Espirito Santo's art is minimal and addresses issues of structure, design, location, surface and material, using sculptural procedures to morph ordinary objects into art objects. Within this process of transformation the use of industrial materials and reductionist strategies function as counterweights. Things we are quite familiar with seem functionless and at times appear uncanny.

In Untitled, materials are arranged in an unexpected way, leaving the spectator with the impression of an absurd, functionless object, which, due to it's round form, should not to be able to stand upright in the gallery space as it does. Ambiguity plays a central role in this work as it does in almost all of Espirito Santo's works.

*1963 in Mococa, Brazil | Living and working in São Paulo, Brazil