Restless 14, 1997


Mirror and sandblasting on glass
84 x 174 x 1 cm

The glass sculptures in Iran do Espirito Santo's "Restless" series, make use of reflective surfaces to invoke a sense of displacement in the viewer. Restless 14 is a single thick plate with meticulous rectangles sandblasted onto the surface and inlaid with a mirror. The rectangular glass sheet is set on the floor and leaning against the walls, suggesting a lively spatial interplay. The glass incorporates various reflective surfaces comprised of mirrored and sandblasted areas. From a distance the work creates a dazzling illusion of multiple panes stacked against the wall. Espirito Santo urges the viewer to mediate on form, function, whilst representation embracing dualities, ambiguities and humor.

*1963 in Mococa, Brazil | Living and working in São Paulo, Brazil