Matthew Ritchie with Aranda/Lasch – The Morning Line (Catalogue and LP edition)
Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2011

© Elodie Grethen

The Morning Line by Matthew Ritchie and Aranda/Lasch – an impressive 8 meter high and 20 meter long pavilion, built of 17 tons of black coated aluminum – explores the disciplinary interplays between art, architecture, music, mathematics, cosmology, and science. As one of its essential elements, the artist conceived the pavilion’s sonic identity in the tradition of Iannis Xenakis and Le Corbusier or Fritz Bornemann's Expo'70 pavilion, which is subject of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s conversation with the commissioned sound artists. The stucture’s fractal beauty is kindred captures in Todd Eberle’s stunning photographs.

This book is published on the occasion of the presentation of The Morning Line in Vienna, from June 7 to November 20, 2011.
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Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
June 2011, English
167  pages
book with a limited edition 12“ vinyl record
30 x 30 cm
ISBN 978-3-86984-242-4
edited by
Eva Ebersberger and Daniela Zyman
Texts by
Benjamin Aranda, Helene Furján, Brandon LaBelle, Chris Lasch, Tony Myatt, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Matthew Ritchie, Roland Schöny, Mark Wasiuta, Peter Weibel
Todd Eberle
design by
Julia Juriga-Lamut, Marion Mayr / Grafikum, Wien