o.T. [Bluttropfen], 2001

Photo: Uwe Walter, Courtesy of Gallery Eigen+Art, Leipzig/Berlin

Offset prints (posters)
Dimensions site specific, posters: each 100 x 70 cm

The poster quotes the motif of a drop of blood, from the painting "Flagellation of Christ" by Jan Baegert (1507/13). The blood-drop design in various sizes covers the posters, which are displayed in a staggered way in multiple layers throughout the space available. Visitors can take single posters from a pack. The stereotype treatment of the drop of blood moves the motif into the vicinity of decorative art.

Olaf Nicolai ( *1962 in Halle, living and working in Berlin, Germany) is considered one of Germany’s leading artists, Olaf Nicolai takes on a range of conceptual themes, from political and cultural critiques to inquiries into human perception. A recurring subject is the aesthetic appropriation of nature by human culture and design, explored through mixed-media sculptures and images, as in his juxtaposition of plant forms with depictions of hand gestures in Italian Renaissance paintings. “Questions of form, moods, attitudes, and style are not just vain play with surfaces,” Nicolai has said. “They are questions of organizational forms of activities.”

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