Reappearance (Part V and Part VI), 2012

Photo: TBA21. 2012

Multi-channel audio work encoded for 47 channel The Morning Line Sound System, 30 min
Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary 

The compositions are the two final parts of the work "Solitude", a piece for piano, strings and sounds in 16 parts, with a total duration of four hours and a half. Richardas Norvila began to work on "Solitude" in January 2012 and finished it in August of the same year.
Reappearance is rather introspective and reflects upon the speedy life-rhythm we are all in.

Is it time to downshift everything?

The tempo of "Solitude" is very slow - 5 to 15 bpm. In recent years, Norvila has been using this tempo for composing, in an attempt to go into deeper sounds. He considers notes and chords as life forms, while a fast tempo overlooks the 'sound-life' of a note, in other terms from its inception until it passes away.
Here Richardas Norvila, uses very traditional instruments, like the piano and other string ones. The idea was to begin with familiar sounds and see how they could mutate into new sonic territories - very slowly, to make the transition almost invisible.

"Like when a fisherman falls asleep for a while, and realizes how different the river is when he wakes up".

At The Morning Line Vienna, Music Festival 2012, there was a premiere of Benzo live set "".

*1961 in Siauliai, Lithuania I Living and working in Moscow, Russia