Design: Lana Jerichová


Inspired by how rivers bend and curve, connecting entire ecosystems, the artistic research program Meandering (2021–23) unfolds the cultural, historical, spiritual, and ecological trajectories of waterways to cultivate the vitality of water, from source to sea.
By developing critical-creative insight about the interconnectedness between land and coastal waters, freshwater, and the ocean system, the program forms a case-study in regenerative cultural practice in the Guadalquivir Valley, in Andalusia, Spain. The research develops a methodology for “thinking oceanically about more-than-Ocean,” and for supporting an ecological praxis that seeks to generate both inner transformation and the conditions of possibility for social change.
Meandering takes an experiential and experimental approach to foster renewed sensibilities for social and environmental justice. It commissions artists to engage local agents, schools, public administration, young persons, neighborhood associations, spiritual communities, designers, policy makers, and activist platforms connected to environmental struggles in the region, to formulate a practical and poetic toolset for understanding our interdependence with the watershed.
The program’s course through the Guadalquivir traces river systems through the sierras and forests in the south of Spain, to the heartlands of the Americas and the undersurface of the Mediterranean, in a complex cartography of cultural, ecological, and spiritual exchange. For this journey, pop polymath Lafawndah (b.1984, France); philosophy-trained choreographer Isabel Lewis (b. 1981, Dominican Republic); and visionary artist Eduardo Navarro (b. 1979, Argentina) are invited to develop new participatory and community-oriented research fellowships to be presented alongside site-specific performances, river-walks, poetry, music, meditation, and communal meals. These activities take form through annual convenings, as well as in a digital platform on, and in a publication forthcoming in 2024. Art direction and documentation by photographer Lourdes Cabrera (b. 1979, Spain) as well as olfactory R&D by artist Chaveli Sifre (b. 1987, Puerto Rico) further the possibilities of situated approaches to commissioning artwork that can be accessed widely and in the benefit of local communities.  
Meandering continues TBA21’s commitment to building the capacities and resources for expanded notions of Ocean stewardship and climate responsibility. Through attending to place-based knowledge, both new and ancestral, the program contributes to contemporary debates on justice in river governance and literacy on the transformation of freshwater ecosystems, as well as to the growing field of interfaith and interdisciplinary environmental studies, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 
Sofia Lemos


Third Margin Deepest Spring | Un manantial entre dos aguas
November 11–12, 2023
Córdoba, Spain


An Ocean Without Shore | Un Océano Sin Orilla
November 9–12, 2022
Córdoba, Spain


The Meandering program launch was part of the Pasaje del Agua / The Journeying Stream program, taking place June 3-5, 2022, in Córdoba, Andalucía

Jesús Alcaide, Lourdes Cabrera, Edgar Calel, Federico Campagna, Carolina Caycedo, Emanuele Coccia, Amina Costa, Jessica Ekomane, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, Elizabeth Gallón Droste, Coco Fusco, Francisco Gamero, Francisco Godoy Vega, Lafawndah, Lanoche, Isabel Lewis with Guillermo Castro Buendía, Carlos López Campos, Javiera de la Fuente, Brooke Holmes, Helena Martos, Laila Tafur, and Rosário Vacas, Gracia López Anguita, Juan Lopéz Intzín, Gabrielle Mangeri, Michael Marder, Ana María Millán, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Eduardo Navarro, Claudia Pagès, Cristina Aguilar Porro, Brian W. Rogers, Lorenzo Sandoval, Colin Self, Emilija Škarnulytė, Chaveli Sifre, Michael Taussig, Medina Tenour Whiteman, Rosa Tharrats, and Caique Tizzi.
Since 2022
Curatorial Assistance: Maya Saravia and Maria Buey Gonzaléz
Design: Lana Jerichová
Digital: Martin Bartoš, Andrej Kučera, Michal Kučerák, Petra Linhartová
Editorial: Katrina Black, Eva Ebersberger, Beatrice Forchini
Research: Maya Saravia
Production: Ana Ballesteros, Henry Eigenheer, Francisco Estepa, and Verónica Mari
Communications: Pablo García Contreras, Maria Gil Sáenz, Victoria de Gracia, Patricia Esteban Gonzaléz, Barbora Horská, Katarina Rakušček, Arancha Rios, Cristiantan Tena, Julia Zafra

Agripino, Hashim Cabrera, Casa Árabe, Casa del Agua, Casa Palacio de los Angulo, Guillermo Castro Buendía, CEIP La Paz, Luis Celorio, Cuevas del Pino Casas Rurales, Culturhaza, Carlos Delgado López, ESAD Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Córdoba, IMTUR - Instituto Municipal de Turismo de Córdoba, La Mariposa de Hilo - Escuela de Patronaje y Moda, Salma al-Farouki, Juan Gallego Benot, Victoria Garcia Gomez, JUGO Vinos Vivos, Joshua Leon, Gabrielle Mangeri, Lourdes Márquez Carmona, Elena Martos, Nuria Medina, Virginia Moreno, Javier Occaray, Patio Vesubio, PLATA, Carmen Pérez Cuello, Carlos Alberto Rivas Quintero,Niño Ruben, Rosario Vacas, Laila Tafur, Violeta Vaca Delgado, Antonio Valenzuela and Abbas Zahedi as well as all applicants, volunteers, and participants of our programs and activities.