Until MMXLI.IV, 2002

Courtesy of the artist

C-type print face mounted onto glass
74 x 74 cm

The two poles between which Almond’s work increasingly seems to operate are the continuity of the world we live in, on one hand, and the isolated occurrence, on the other. His photographs are not records of the artist's reach, they speak to another extension – the spectator's vigilance. As Almond's series title Until MMXLI.IV hints, Antarctica remains a sovereign and protected preserve until 2041: ownerless and resistant to the romantic notion of man confronting and marking nature. Almond has joined Mission Antarctica, an organization devoted to erasing man's mark via expensive waste removal initiatives. Until MMXLI.IV brings our attention to the environmental issues surrounding this last truly wild location. (Brad Barnes).

* 1971 Wigan, U.K. | Living and working in London, U.K.