Midnight Mousetrap-Green, 2005

Courtesy of the artist

Original Lithograph (printed on 250 gr. Velin d´Arches paper)
77 x 57.5 cm

Midnight Mousetrap–Green shows the famous latticed window at Laycock Abbey in England where William Henry Fox Talbot took the first photograph in 1835. Inspired by this pioneer of photography, Darren Almond has developed a special procedure in which he mixed pigment with phosphor to enable to the lithographs to glow in the dark after exposure to light.
Taken of the same window at midnight during a fullmoon night, the title Mousetrap refers to Fox Talbot's wife who thought that his homemade cameras looked like mousetraps.

*1971 in Wigan, United Kingdom | Living and working in London, United Kingdom