Recoherence, 2010

Installtation view: The Morning Line, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010
Photo: Jakob Polacsek

Multi-channel audio work encoded for 47 channel The Morning Line Sound System, 30 min
Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

The structure of The Morning Line poses its own set of questions about the nature of the universe using its own visual and semasiographic language. Recoherence aims to elaborate on these questions by providing a “sound layer" and thereby forming a symbiotic relationship with the way the pavilion is constructed and one of its possible representative formations. In fact, the piece, with its own modular form, is able to provide the same type of relationship in any of The Morning Line's possible configurations. Recoherence is a meta-model formulated as a computer program that is responsible for the synthesis of the sounds ranging between “digital sample” and “sound object” time scales, and the assemblage of the temporal form ranging between meso and macro time scales. Thus, the sound experience offered by Recoherence is a single, temporal representation of the model (or a well balanced collapse of its quantum state) and this specific representation is destined to change its observable shape in each iteration of the piece. Another result of this approach is that the arrow carrying the piece throughout time (the “Arrow of Time” as coined by Arthur Eddington) cannot point to a single direction; just like the The Morning Line structure itself, Recoherence lacks a single entry and exit point. Furthermore, the model does not dictate a fixed duration for the experience; this decision is made before each individual rendition of the piece. Thus, the musical structure and the sounds are created using recursive and stochastic processes (on all aforementioned time scales) and a proxy for a sonic experience is created. Even though a single rendition is defined as a static entity in time, The Morning Line structure, as a musical instrument, comes to the rescue by breaking this static path for all the listeners it hosts. The symbiotic relationship between the sound and the The Morning Line structure works to project the questions asked, in an elegant and effective manner.

*1983 in Istanbul, Turkey | Living and working in Istanbul, Turkey