Neither the time nor the place for dancing (NTNPD), 2010

© the artist

Multi-channel audio work encoded for 47 channel The Morning Line Sound System
30 min
​Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

Neither the time nor the place for dancing (NTNPD) was originally developed for the presentation of The Morning Line at Eminönü Square, Istanbul (2010). It was reconfigured for the installation in Vienna with the addition of new sound material in order to respond to the relocation of this site-specific material.
The Morning Line is being used as a tool in NTNPD in order to create experience in:
1. short and defined duration and semi-open disco
2. polyrhythmia of different spaces, reaction of living creatures to them, spatio-rhythmicality
3. stereo, fake (acoustic and cultural) diffusion, spatial sound
4. dividing of "international style" dance time signatures into molecules
5. dividing of regional dance time signatures into molecules
6. reassembly of molecules into ¨shortest danceable units¨ and patterns
7. measured quietness
8. converting real people, goods, and events from the square into sound objects: real and its recording
9. 4/4, 4.5/4, 9/8, / , 0.5/24, etc.
10. Süleymaniye as background, The Morning Line in focus, geometries and volumes
11. application of cardiac arrhythmia into new rhythmical patterns and so forth.

*1974 in Istanbul, Turkey | Living and working in Istanbul, Turkey
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