void (noise 4/5/6), 2006

Installation view: THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Sculptural Discourses, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, 2006-2007
Photo: Michael Strasser, 2006 | © Bildrecht, Vienna, 2020

Sound, chrome-plated glass, aluminum, silicon, rubber
140 x 130 x 8 cm

Being active in both art and music, Carsten Nicolai considers sound as a spatial phenomenon, as frequency, which thus can be defined in spatial terms. Music and sound are no alternative means of expression, but specifically the suitable material for his interest in ongoing processes, in motion. void (noise 4/5/6) describes a series of sculptures, which attempt to seal sound in glass tubes. The work focuses not so much on the presence but rather on the life-span of noise, specifically on the questions of storage and reflection of sound within a (minimal) space.

*1965 in Karl-marx-stadt, Germany | Living and working in Berlin and Chemnitz, Germany