Triple Ohm

Photo: Sung Pyo Hong | Courtesy the artist

Steel tubes, wires, speakers, sound
120 x 90 x 60 (each steel tube)
7 min 41 sec (sound)
Overall dimensions variable

Paulo Vivacqua, who has gained artistic recognition for his investigations in sound art, presents with Triple Ohm three steel tubes which are placed on top of each other. Two speakers are attached at the end of each tube, both directed to the interior, similar to a capsule. The metallic sound emitted by the speakers continues with slight variations over time, similar to a mantra. Variants suggest the expansion and contraction of the dimensions of the space inside the cylinder or its material.  The name of the work refers to the sign Ω (Ohm) used in measuring resistor units, a physical parameter in the process of sound amplification.

*1971 in Vitoria, Brazil | Living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil