Ocean-Archive.org presents:
Togetherness stories for healing (with) the Ocean

Skye Morét. Icebergs + Snow Hill Island — field journal, 2011.

"Recently I have been thinking about our potential to heal trauma and the interconnectedness between events such as mass ecological violence, oppression, ecocide, destructive extraction practices, colonial rule, nuclear testing, and the resulting deep emotional trauma sustained by a multitude of living beings for generations to come. Where is this potential, in one’s body-mind-emotion linked to a geography that is not only one’s body but also simultaneously the body of others, bodies of the Oceans, might be located?

The ability to heal is sometimes referred to as love, and it has been suggested that love is necessary in order for us, humans, to want to save another - kind/species/being - from extinction. Where does this leave the multitudes of unloved others? In thinking with love towards a healing practice for the Oceans, I want to emphasise their multiplicity, and while individually we may harbour an ability to heal ourselves, and others, togetherness is necessary for healing to be brought into practice

Olga Koroleva

Ocean-Archive.org presents is an initiative designed to showcase the interdisciplinary work of our oceanic community. Guest curators are invited to select a body of work to expand ocean literacy and environmental sensitivity in a time of great necessity. Ocean-Archive.org is not only a repository - it is a collaborative network, bringing together information to inspire collective action for the Ocean. Through this series, the program strives to support collaboration across disciplines, connecting multiple knowledges, geographies and aesthetic approaches.
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August 6–September 30, 2020

Tuuli Malla
Bryony Gillard
Rebecca Leach McDonald
Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative
Hope Ginsburg, Matt Flowers & Joshua Quarles
Temitope Ajose-Cutting & Quinn Latimer
Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll
Marina Rees
Skye Morét