The breath-taker is the breath-giver (Film B), 2009


Super 16mm film, modified projector, acrylic glass pavilion
Overall installation 300 x 200 x 300 cm
Film 2 min 57 sec
Color, Sound

Bojan Šarčević’s series The breath-taker is the breath-giver consists of four works. The super-16mm film loops are each about three minutes long and are focusing each on a setting of objects embedded in music, which was conceived for them by the Turkish composer Ulas Ozdemir. Šarčević’s films are shown on modified 16mm projectors, set up in acrylic glass pavilions, which are projecting the image from the pavilion onto the surrounding walls of the space. They are differing from the usual 16mm format in that they imitate the 1,85:1 format of cinematic movies.
“For me the essentials are the different natures of materials and the forms and their interrelations building up a meaningful structure. I talk in measures, I understand the color shades. Their aim is to express the moment where the very mechanic, the pure material put into a certain formal context suggests another level and opens the possibility of a coherent language. It becomes then impossible to decide whether the impression of organicity is the result of such encounters or the origin of our affective understanding of their echoing.” – the artist

*1974 in Belgrade, Serbia | Living and working in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France