telefunken, 2000/2010

Installation view: The Kaleidoscopic Eye: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection. Mori Art Museum, 2009
© Bildrecht, Vienna, 2020
Photo: Watanabe Osamu | Courtesy Mori Art Museum

Four-channel video installation on monitors, color, sound
9 min 12 sec (each video/track)
61 x 300 x 8 cm

The audio signals of 4 flash-card player are connected to the video inputs of 4 plasma screens. The audio tracks – impulse frequencies and various test sounds – are translated into an abstract image, interpreting the impulse frequencies as horizontal stripes on the television screen. The respective intervals or the width of the impulse correspond with the density or width of the line of the image on the screen. This installation instantaneously demonstrates the visualization of acoustic material. telefunken represents a new version of the already existing installation of the year 2000 in which the telefunken principle is applied to updated equipment substituting conventional television with plasma screens. The standards of the new technology permit new visual interpretations with the same set-up, expanding the acoustic and visual spectrum of the installation substantially.

*1965 in Karl-marx-stadt, Germany | Living and working in Berlin and Chemnitz, Germany