Ophelia Rosa, 2015

Photo: Teresa LoJacono | TBA21, 2015

Mixed media on canvas
203.2 x 241.3 cm

Jananina Tschäpe's painting Opehlia Rosa (2015), depicts an amorphous-looking shape that could be inspired by a terrestrial flower, or by an aquatic plant, with its petaös moved by the water, rendering the outline of its silhouette blurry.

An enduring fascination with water and a reverence for its endless permutations infuses her landscapes. Pulling from inside the space of memory, Tschäpe’s paintings exist in a state of their own becoming, linking the process of artistic practice to lifecycles found in nature. Each brushstroke partially occludes a previous mark; their physically sensuous surfaces give way to topologies of finely calibrated hues. In performative photographic and video works, Tschäpe’s otherworldly creatures inhabit hybrid states of being. The female form is often pictured with ballooning appendages extending from the figure, sometimes overtaking her body to inhabit a fluid space between human and cellular organisms.