ocean comm/uni/ty
TBA21–Academy’s meeting place for diving deep and crossing disciplines


The complex and contested oceans demand new blueprints, based on care + collaboration.

The ocean comm/uni/ty is an online social space for ocean lovers, researchers and practitioners interested in interdisciplinary approaches to exchange knowledge and seek inspiration; to share and promote their work; to spark and maintain collaborations.

The platform is intergenerational and transdisciplinary, and hopes to facilitate encounters across geographies through live events, posts and more, dissolving academic boundaries on the way.

In concert with OCEAN / UNI and Ocean-Archive.org, ocean comm/uni/ty forms an immersive three-pronged ecosystem for learning, community, and discovery.

Join TBA21–Academy’s mission to develop critical ocean literacy across worlds and ways of knowing, through the lens of art. That means finding ways to understand and mobilize bodies of ocean knowledge that grow among places, people, and their lively connectivities.

Dive in and let us know what you find.