El Camino de la Incertidumbre, 2004

Installation view: New Installations. Artists in Residence: Cuba, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA, 2004-2005
Photo: Erik Garcia Gomez | Courtesy Mattress Factory

Installation with undulating floor, cardboard tubes with mirror paper, seven videos on monitors (color, silent), Christmas lights, sound
3 min 5 sec (videos)
Overall dimensions variable

In Sandra Ramos' work El Camino de la Incertidumbre (The Uncertain Road) the visitor is invited to enter a darkened room, and walk across a gently rolling floor that is lit by videos in mirrored cylinders, which hang from the ceiling. The cylinders are configured in the form of The Big Dipper, surrounded by other constellations of twinkling lights. A different video can be viewed through each cylinder. The artist has manipulated historical prints of the Spanish colonization and imperialization of Latin America and mixed them with images of heaven and hell. They are then juxtaposed with video footage depicting imagery and themes that represent and refer to the sky, city (ciudad), sun (sol), sea (mar), blood (sangre), bridge (puente) and hell (infierno).

* 1969 Havana, Cuba

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