Move & Meet Like the Ocean
ocean comm/unity/festival

Design: Lana Jerichová
Design: Lana Jerichová

Do you want to connect with the ever-growing community of people with a shared love for the Ocean? This May and June, we are organizing moments to get together and celebrate our online coalescence of thinkers, makers, writers, readers, swimmers, speakers, and listeners. You can join us in person, at Ocean Space in Venice, or in the virtual oceans of our digital ecosystem.

Move Like the Ocean ~ ocean community gathering at Ocean Space
May 25–26, 2024

Join us at Ocean Space, Venice, for Move Like the Ocean: a community gathering delving into the looming threats to the deep sea and the collective motions to resist them. 
Waves come in sets, moving across the Ocean together before crashing onto the coastline and returning their kinetic energy into the immense body of water. As communities, we also come together in fluid groups, assembling and reassembling to dedicate our energies to different destinations, visions, and dreams. From deep-sea mining to other forms of ocean extractivism, this event will showcase the ideas and projects emerging from TBA21–Academy’s digital programming around the deep sea.

Saturday, May 25, 2024
5–7 pm | Deep Sea Mining & Community Resistance

A panel discussion with Mekhala Dave, Fiona Middleton, and Pietro Consolandi, moderated by Aleksandra Czerniak; a “Blue Peril” movie screening; and a presentation of short videos from the workshops “Shaping the Invisible” with Lara Garcia Reyne.

The panel discussion will dive into the topic of deep-sea mining, the deep ocean ecosystem, and what it means to culture the deep sea. Through the experience of the last semester of TBA21–Academy's online learning initiative OCEAN / UNI focused on the deep sea, we will explore how we, as a community, can engage with the deep. The discussion will be followed by a screening of the film “Blue Peril” and a presentation of videos from “Shaping the Invisible”, the videomaking and montage workshops with filmmaker and editor Lara Garcia Reyne.

7–9pm | Aperitivo & ocean community DJ set by GRLMONSTER69
An ocean comm/uni/ty DJ set will bring together rhythms from all across the seven seas. We will play songs that make us move like the ocean! The tracklist was prepared in collaboration with the ocean comm/uni/ty.

Sunday, May 26, 2024
10–12 am | Arpentage: a collective reading session

On Sunday, May 26, we will run a reading group around "The Hydrocene Eco-Aesthetics in the Age of Water" by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris. We will examine the book utilizing the "arpentage" method, developed by French factory workers between the world wars to read complex texts—specifically Marxist theory—in a collaborative way. A group of up to 15 students will be assigned different parts of the book and will have time to read them and take notes before reconvening and collaboratively reconstructing it.

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Meet Like the Ocean ~ online ocean community gathering
June 419, 2024

In June 2024, a series of online events will be led by members of the ocean comm/uni/ty, including workshops, film screenings, lightning talks, and meeting circles. Come along to find out what’s happening in our digital ecosystem, meet other artists, researchers, students, and ocean lovers, and share your practice, ideas, or work-in-progress. All events are free and open to existing and new members of the ocean comm/uni/ty. To sign up, first join the ocean comm/uni/ty; and sign up for events in the Calendar.

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