Camouflage Screen, 2006

Photo: Courtesy the artists
Photo: Courtesy the artists

Mirror-polished stainless steel
183 x 70 x 194 cm

Camouflage Screen plays with the art of camouflage, the disguising of an object or person. It conceals and is itself concealed. By blurring the distinctions between foreground and background, between object and site, the screen melts into the verdant landscape. Formed of angled steel fins, the object functions both as a mirror, creating ever-changing patterns of light and shadow, and as an obstacle. At once seductive and mysterious, the installation beckons visitors to approach while it simultaneously dissolves. The reflective patterns change dramatically with one's movement and thus incite the visitor to circle the screen and find the camouflaged view. Camouflage Screen is about reproducing a distortion wherever it is placed, indoors or outdoors.

Aranda\Lasch is a New York and Tucson-based design studio established in 2003 by Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch that designs buildings, installations and furniture.

Benjamin Aranda: *1973 | Living and working in New York and Tucson, USA
Chris Lasch: *1972 | Living and working in New York and Tucson, USA
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