Blobwall©, 2007

Photo: Courtesy Phillips de Pury

Low-density, recyclable and impact-resistant polymer (polymer produced by Panelite, USA)
217.6 x 373.5 x 129 cm

Blobwall© is a collaboration between Greg Lynn and the principals at Panelite. It is an innovative redefinition of architecture's most basic building unit, the brick; in lightweight, plastic, colorful, modular elements custom shaped using the latest CNC technology. Lynn brought in Panelite as a collaborator because of its technical expertise in material development, specifically in modularity, pattern variation, assembly methods and its experience with computer-driven technology. Blobwall© is a free-standing, indoor/outdoor wall system built of low-density, recyclable, impact-resistant polymer. The blob unit, or "brick", is a triloped hollow shape that is mass produced through rotational molding. Each wall is assembled from individually robotically cut hollow bricks that interlock with exacting precision. In addition to stock designs, custom configurations are available for specific shapes, sizes, room configurations, partitions and color schemes. Blobwall© is a contemporary wall system that recovers the voluptuous shapes, chiaroscuro and grotto like textures of baroque and renaissance architecture in pixilated gradients of vivid color.

*1964 in Ohio, USA | Living and working in Los Angeles, USA
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