Art for Advocacy
A Deep-Sea Live Show at DHub, Barcelona
April 8, 2024

Schmidt Ocean Institute: Necker Ridge: Bridge or Barrier?


What do we know about what’s going on below the surface of the seas? Every day, we are flooded with tales about the ocean besieged by plastic pollution, the controversies of deep-sea mining, and species becoming extinct without us even knowing of their existence, but the deep seabed often remains a mystery. In this session, we will embark on a journey to the deepest and darkest layers of the ocean. In our quest to look beyond the strictly scientific, we will delve into projects from various disciplines that envision unconventional ways of relating to the deep.

Through talks, interviews, screenings, and more with artists, scientists, policymakers, and other oceanic practitioners, we will dive into the deep sea with an amphibious perspective, entangling scientific research with artistic inquiry and creating space for collective interdisciplinary discussion. In this immersive event, mediated by Sónar +D curator Antonia Folguera, artists and scientists will enter the deep sea community hand in hand, trespassing the borders that traditionally define the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

This is an opportunity to collectively foster a deeper understanding of one of the most elusive parts of the Earth. The ocean could be the answer (or at least part of it) to humanity’s most pressing issues and our biggest ally in fighting the effect of climate change. Together, we can think about collaboration rather than extraction, about making a commitment to regenerate and respect the most expansive part of the blue planet.

The event is organized by TBA21 in collaboration with Disseny Hub Barcelona, Schmidt Ocean Institute, Sónar, and the Institut de Ciències del Mar, with the participation of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center  – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation.
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Welcome remarks by Antonia Folguera, curator of Sónar +D
Interview with Valentí Sallarés (ICM) 
on the deep ocean soundscape 
Interview with Carlie Wiener (Schmidt Ocean Institute) and Screening by Elena Alonso Fernández: Born by the Sea 
Interview with the artist Latai Taumoepeau on the project Re-Stor(y)ing Oceania
Conversation with Joan Llort, Feileacan McCormick, Daphne X, Xavi Bou, Vanesa Balagué, and SHOOK Studio about deep-sea organisms and the fragility of their ecosystems
Interview with artist Taiji Terasaki on his project Deepest Reveries (Sueños Profundos)
Demonstration with environmentalist fashion designer Runa Ray
Conversation with Rémi Parmentier (Varda Group) and Markus Reymann (TBA21) on the role of the art and science projects for ocean advocacy 
Closing remarks by José Luis de Vicente (DHub)
Antonia Folguera (Sónar +D)
Latai Taumoepeau (artist), Taiji Terasaki (artist), Runa Ray (environmentalist fashion designer), Joan Llort (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre),  Feiliacan Kirkbride and Sofía Crespo (Entagled Others Studio, artist), Daphne X (artist), Vanesa Balagué, Pablo Sánchez & Valentí Sallarés (ICM), Carlie Wiener (Schmidt Institute), SHOOK Studio (artist), José Luis de Vicente (DHub), Rémi Parmentier (Varda Group), Markus Reymann (TBA21).