Chicks on Speed, Douglas Gordon and Christopher Just – ART RULES!
April 28, 2007 | Gartenbaukino, Vienna


After two sold-out shows at New York’s MoMA and at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Chicks on Speed present their brand-new performance-in-progress ART RULES!, on invitation by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. 
Chicks on Speed team up with artist Douglas Gordon and Viennese DJ Christopher Just to present their newest production. Unabashed fun with plenty of irony and creativity, this multimedia Eurotrash performance spectacle is a cynical take on the contemporary art, listing the ups and downs of the glorified fifth-largest industry of the world – something mistaken as culture, called art.

Chicks on Speed utilizes the collective as a mechanism for the production of instantaneous video, sound and music recordings, fabrics/textiles, sculpture, paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry prose/lyrics, clothing, performance and live concerts. Museum becomes the studio, studio becomes performance space, pop star becomes conductor, painter becomes performer, performer becomes photographer, designer becomes performance artist, curator becomes pop star, and music producer becomes a painter again, and so on. The veneer of craft disguised as superstardom.

ART RULES LYRICS by Chicks on Speed

It’s two cups of gelitin, mix it well, stir a concept, technology as well. Whip in some finance a pinch of cocaine, add a harmless scandal, a media plan all cooked up by a right hand man … right hand man. andy warhol, valie export, what is juxtaposition? art is a playground for people who have everything. The rich will always be with us, art basel, Miami, the Venice biennale. more controlled than lottery, always modern, who’s on top, the artists or the dealers? Where are all the women, they are underneath the men. Invest in a collection or buy credibility. Who cares about the content, just match the tapestry. CHORUS – Brush it up, rip it down, expensive glorified wallpaper, Brush it up, rip it down, art’s the rule, cash the tool! are you a nobody, well die and get famous, your own retrospective at just 33! What looks good today, will it look good tomorrow? Destroy your career in one brush stroke, art in public spaces, government founded crap, the buro-arty-experts – their hands under the tap, project one hit wonders always in the front row. It’s jeffrey deitch, that heat seeking missile. / CHORUS joseph beuys had no choice, felt and fat on his hat, lit up the art world with this lemon light bulb. Miss tracey’s gossip column “which handbag did you buy?” it’s a game, let’s have sex, but you are too drunk again. charles saatchi’s burning, he’s lost his edge on taste, he’s so now and then, he puts his art to waste. jake and dinos chapman, they’re selling masterpieces, dog returns to vomit – now is this really art???
April 28, 2007
Vienna version produced by
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
In collaboration with ViennaArtweek
Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna
Performance with Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie, Anat Ben David, Kathi Glas, AL Steiner (Chicks on Speed), Douglas Gordon, Christopher Just.

Visuals: Adi Nachman

Production assistant: Markus Taxacher