Mario García Torres – The Artwork of the Future, n.d.

Mario Garcia Torres – The Artwork of the Future
Image courtesy of the artist

Mario García Torres has written a libretto specifically for Christoph Homberger, a retired operatic tenor. Its title is an ode to an essay by Richard Wagner, which the composer wrote in Zurich in 1850. Left unsung, with no melodious future, the essay-opera speaks to a desire for deliverance while making a case for societal collapse among the unfolding uncertainties of these crisis-ridden times. A humming accompaniment to the libretto, which allows the tenor’s voice to be imagined.

Commissioned by Manifesta 11 with the support of TBA21
The Artwork of the Future will be broadcasted by online radio on the following dates and times:

Su 12.6.2016     11:00
We 21.7.2016   24:00
Mo 1.8.2016      14:00