Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty: The Storyboard, 2004

Installation view: PUNK: Its Traces in Contemporary Art. ARTIUM de Alava, 2015
Photo: Gert Voor in’t Holt

Installation with 22 framed drawings, prints, and photographs, five videos on monitors (color, sound), purple carpet and chairs, sound by Bruce Odland
From 21 x 46 cm to 41 x 77 cm (framed works on paper)
Videos with varying durations (from 1 min 41 sec to 12 min)
27 min 47 sec (sound)
Overall dimensions variable
​Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty: The Storyboard is an entire wall/room installation consisting of drawings, collages, photos and videos, unfolding the creative process and spirit of the rock opera. The Storyboard reveals the opera's visual and audio elements in a collage-like synopsis and features documents of the concept, and references to the "hippie era". One of the works is the original cover of Neil Young's first solo album from 1968, which was influential for the entire production, its spirit and the music. The collage like costume and puppet design studies evidence the ways in which the individual characters of the story developed. Laurent P. Berger's drawings reveal his congenial set design for Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty with the sculptural elements of the stage, functioning simultaneously as a platform for a hybrid multi-media installation of puppetry, live band and projection area for the videos. Tony Oursler's videos featuring the puppets also show footage not used in the performance, such as dress rehearsals, documenting the artist's collaboration with master puppeteer Philip Huber. The videos are accompanied by the opera's enthralling music, compiled by Bruce Odland, sound designer to Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty, which finally conveys the spirit of the theater performance.

Dan Graham: *1942 in Urbana, USA | Living and working in New York, USA
Tony Oursler: *1957 in New York, USA | Living and working in New York, USA
Laurent P. Berger: *1972  | Living and working in Paris, France
Dan Graham traces the symbiosis between architectural environments and their inhabitants. With a practice that encompasses curating, writing, performance, installation, video, photography and architecture.

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Tony Oursler is a multimedia and installation artist completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the California Institute of Arts, Valencia. His art covers a rage of mediums working with video, sculpture, installation, performance and painting. 

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Laurent P. Berger is a visual artist.

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