Snakes, whales, tongues, mountains, hats
March 12 – May 28, 2023
Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

Event view: Wu Tsang "Of Whales" opening, 2023. Photo: Juan Millás | TBA21
MNTB Madrid


As part of the public program related to the temporary exhibition Of Whales, by the artist Wu Tsang, a special workshop for families with children between 5 and 8 years old will take place on several Sundays from March to June. The workshop is led by artist María Jerez.

When you look at the boa that has swallowed an elephant in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, you see a hat, or you might also see a whale, or a tongue, or a mountain.

María Jerez invites us to submerge ourselves in an amalgam of materials, remaining completely covered by fabrics, volumes and textures where bodies vanish into a shapeless and unrecognizable mass that makes other things appear – images, words, emotions, sensations – so that each of us can write multiple narratives, both from inside the snake and from outside the hat, the whale, the tongue or the mountain…

- March 12, 2023, 11 am
- April 23, 2023, 11 am
- May 28, 2023, 11 am
Free entry. Ticket reservation here
Children aged 5 to 8
TBA21, EducaThyssen in collaboration with the Institute for Postnatural Studies
The work of María Jerez (1978, Spain) moves between choreography, film and the visual arts. Since 2004, she has been making pieces that explore the relationship with the spectator as the space where modes of representation are thrown into crisis. From “El Caso del Espectador” (“The Case of the Spectator”) to her latest pieces, “Blob”, “Yabba” and “La Mancha”, her work in recent years has centred on opening spaces of potentiality through confrontation with what we find strange and alien, insisting on a performativity of the encounter as a space of transformation. In this process of transformation, the other lodges in the known, the habitual, oneself, establishing fuzzy borders and suspending the difference between subject and object. Between 2010 and 2017, she co-organised the Living Room Festival (Madrid) with Juan Domínguez, Luis Úrculo and Cuqui Jerez, co-curated PICNIC SESSIONS 2017, CA2M, Móstoles (Madrid), and taught on the University Master’s Course in Artistic Practice and Visual Culture, UCLM & Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid). She is the author of the book INVENTARIO una coreografía de las cosas (Ed. Fisuras 2014-2015), the editor of El cuaderno sin contenido (BUDA Kunstencentrum 2016), and, with Alejandra Pombo, the co-translator into Spanish of the book Spangberguianismo by Marten Spangberg (Ed. Desiderata 2018). Her work forms part of the collection of the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M, Madrid).