Poster for the film "rani radovi (early works)"

Photo: Michael Strasser | © Bildrecht, Vienna, 2006 | TBA21

Silkscreen on paper
100 x 70 cm
Edition of 20

Želimir Žilnik's drama “Rani radovi (Early works)” critically takes up the theme of the student protests in the aftermath of the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
The film won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale award in 1969.

The title “Early works” was borrowed from the popular anthology of the early work by Marx and Engels published first in Yugoslavia in 1953. These early texts had a significant influence on the development of the Yugoslav Praxis School of philosophy. The title was chosen ironically as a comment on the discrepancy between the theory, as expressed by Marx and Engels in their work, and practice, as implemented by the Soviet Union and other countries of real socialism. 

*1942 in Niš, Serbia | Living and working in Novi Sad, Serbia