Pitch Black, 2007

© Michael Strasser / TBA21, 2009

Architectural installation prototypes and animation (60 sec, color, silent)
Dimensions variable

Pitch Black is a collection of about 20 object supports (4 of which are in the TBA21 collection), called “Spiders”, to be displayed in complete darkness. DVD screens integrated into the “Spider” surfaces display animations about individual projects, yet the “Spiders” are intended to mutate into exhibits in their own right.

Pitch Black addresses the boredom of perfection. Evidence of this notion lies in the fact that our design obsessions are based on an appreciation for the perversity of mutant form, a taste developed from the cinema and set to work in architecture. Pitch Black is produced in the act of design – in the focused sensation of pointing and clicking. In this work that sensation is more like painting than engineering. Image-forms are the product of speeding up and slowing down, slicing and blending, fusing and separating – repetitions of scenic rhythms learned from a lifetime of being awed by cinematic affect.

“Xefirotarch’s refined investigations of form are an example of how digital architecture has matured since the mid- 1990s. No longer fascinated by merely producing blob-based structures, he has expanded the theory and practice of this new architectural approach. His vision, based on constantly morphing geometry, represents flexible arrangements in architectural form rather than stasis. The works suggests organic complexity as a way of redefining concepts of beauty and the grotesque in architecture, offering almost a natural history of this evolving aesthetic”. – Joseph Rosa

*1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Living and working in Los Angeles, USA