A Dream Dreaming a Dream Dreaming, 2020

Still: Roberto Ruiz | TBA21
TBA21 on st_age

Virtual loop simulation (developed on Unity platform), b/w, sound
Infinite duration
Commissioned and produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary for st_age

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané's research is composed of subtle yet crude experiments that question the relationship between language and the world. Although primarily conceptual, his installations engage with the imagination of the spectator and exhibit a strong concern with the existence of everything we see, but especially on everything that we do not see. Mangrané’s work often traces the boundary where nature meets artifice. Lines, circles and rhombuses are drawn, cut and projected onto leaves; the delicate symmetry of branches is split in two. These precise interventions hold a powerful force of attraction: a moment of uncertainty between what is contrived and what is natural. 

In each of Steegmann Mangrané’s intricate compositions, we get to experience that, far from being distinct, the organic and the geometric, the vital and the abstract, define each other. 

“Panther Dreaming” (2020)  is an online infinite animation, always different, of a panther dreaming that walks through the forest. Allways similar and nonetheless always different, the panther dream will be eventually interrupted, the forest collapses, and the dreaming panther wakes up. Confused, lazy, sleepy, the panther will yawn and stretch, just to find herself again inside the same dreamlike scenario, which will then start to explore, until waking up again and find herself in the same and always different cycle of dream and wake.

This work streams from an ecological understanding of the complex webs of interdependence that create reality. It is inspired by the indigenous perceptions of the forest and of the entities that inhabit it beyond the human as divine characters: from animals, to rivers, to plants, to master spirits or xapiris. A work that entangles different realities from the dreamed forest to artificial intelligence, and different species as a call for new ways of being in the world. 
For the exhibition at Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, the panther´s dream is transformed in a continuously changing cinematic experience that will run uninterrupted and will be perceived through a variety of pointviews from wide angles to close ups, making the view engaged with the feeling of belonging to the recreated landscape and challenging the interspecies notion by adding a technological layer to it.
This work seeks to unravel the multiple meanings and intertwined definitions of nature and ecology while aiming to create more- than- human communities of care and it is framed under the topic Shifting all baselines: The planet in transformation. And, connects with the aim of building sustainable cities and communities (Goal no. 11) by creating a decent Life on Land (Goal no. 15) that would always connect with the need of Climate action (Goal no. 13).