The Midnight Line, 2008

Photo: Aranda\Lasch

Mixed media installation comprised of acrylic paint or vinyl decal, marker, digital projection system
Dimensions variable, approx. 250 x 1000 cm
Produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

The Midnight Line is a monumental and powerful multimedia installation, conceived in a collaborative effort between artist Matthew Ritchie and architects Aranda\Lasch. Standing in front of this vast projection, the beholder is mesmerized by the beautifully delicate organic forms that envelop the walls of the room in which the work is installed. Part sculpture, part drawing, part map, the ethereal Midnight Line is a futuristic depiction of the repeated molecular forms which make up the universe. Biomorphic designs are repeated on a gigantic scale to create a spellbinding artistic ensemble, a true feast for the visual senses.

* 1964 London, UK

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