The Current I: The Distant Islands
Convening #2 led by Ute Meta Bauer & Cesar Garcia
December 13 – December 15, 2016
Fort Kochi, Kerala, India


The second Convening of the first cycle The Current was a three-day program intensively dedicated to the ocean. It aimed to reexamine and reframe questions arising from the ethics of exploration, processes of image and knowledge making, collaborative modes of exchange, and the rights of nature and the international law of the sea, as well as sharing poetic approaches to currents and flows of water across cultures. The Convening invited the audience to participate and engage in structured conversations, workshops, performances, talks, and screenings convened by The Current Expedition Leaders Ute Meta Bauer and Cesar Garcia and TBA21-Academy curator Stefanie Hessler.
The Convening took the form of an archipelago of processes sited throughout Fort Kochi. The Cochin Club functioned as a central hub encouraging unique moments of daily encounter among fellows, local participants, and visiting guests. Expanding beyond the hub, the Convening was nested in the city’s urban spaces, in the central Vasco de Gama Plaza, in the spice market, in its museums, on the shores of the sea. Kochi’s maritime history and narratives shaped by trade, migration, and travel at sea, alongside contemporary concerns such as dredging and labor conditions, resonate in today’s cultural consciousness in the city and formed the discursive background for the Convening.

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December 13–15,  2016
Fort Kochi, Kerala, India