Untitled, 2004

Photo: Michael Strasser| © Bildrecht, Vienna, 2007

Table and 2 iron supports (red lacquered, wooden top, brush painted in yellow and black)
78 x 300 x 100 cm

Heimo Zobernig places his furniture / objects in various contexts between exhibition settings and everyday scenarios – thus de-essentializing the concept of the art object and creating situations of ambiguity and doubt. In an interview for the TBA21-Collection Book,

Zobernig says, "The top has the format of banquet table, a dinner table that seats many people. This table has something rough about it, like it just came out of the workshop or studio, which is enforced by its hand-painted black surface. In the studio, it is impossible to paint a perfect surface. One would have to do it in a dust-free spray booth. One sees the handmade, the prototypical. These prototypes are directly worked on; they’re not industrial fakes."

*1958 in Mauthen, Austria | Living and working in Vienna, Austria